Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Productive Weekend

WOW... what a productive weekend I had. Well lets start off saying that recently I have redone the guest room. So, As of right now it is no longer a guest room, It is officially my office/craft room. And boy what a difference does that make. Before it was such a struggle to want to start a project because I would have to drag everything to the dinning room table. Then before I went to bed I would have to put everything away even if I wasn't done yet because if not my little girl would get into it all. Now all I have to do is close the door & everyone knows the room is off limits. And when I reenter the room I can start right where I left off.

Anyway, I was able to accomplish quite a bit. I finished a scrapbook that I had started almost 4 years ago, created a card & was able to put pictures in a frame that I purchased last Christmas that holds 10 pics & circles around the word family. Had it not been for converting my room I wouldn't know when they would have all been completed.

Below are some of the scrapbook pics (currently only the journalism is missing). Also, I included a pic of the card I made.

Friday, September 3, 2010

My Favorites

Below is a pic (Click on pic to enlarge) of some of my favorite cards that I have learned to do with my friend Vilmarie in previous workshops over the past couple of years. She's awesome & always there to help & teach new creative ideas that I will be passing on to you at my workshops. Can't attend one of my workshops. NO Problem. I am willing to work with you & arrange a time that works best for you. Whether it's one on one or you can host a party at my home or yours. Options are limitless. Contact me today for details.