Saturday, July 31, 2010

Food... not only do we have fun doing paper crafts, we also have fun playing with food. Below is a pic of my daughter Angelina who decided she wanted to look like a clown to eat her silly food. So she stuck a bunch of stickers on her face. I on the other hand thought I be a little creative with the hot dog & make it into an octopus. She loved it.

Pigs Fly...

So a week has gone by & my sister still hasn't downloaded the pictures from last weeks workshop. I guess I have a better chance of seeing pigs fly before those pictures come through. LOL. Anyway, as I've mentioned before the camera I had took a nose dive into my daughters pool over a month ago (thanks to hubby) & it wasn't functioning at all. Everyday for the first week I would try to turn it on & it wouldn't work. Well, this week I thought I give it a try AGAIN & WhaLa it worked. Seems like it just needed a whole lot of time to dry out. So now that it's working I was able to take my own pics of the cards we made & post them to the blog. Hope you enjoy the ideas.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Ending to a Long Week.

After a long & busy week, it actually ended very well. This weekend got to spend time with some family who came down from up north. Also had a wonderful time with the girls that attended my Workshop yesterday afternoon. They created 8 cards using the Big Shot machine. The machine was the highlight of the day along with the spritzing of shimmer paint. Never knew how a little shimmer on anything can put such a smile on someone's face. Pictures soon to follow of the projects. Unfortunately my Camera is not working thanks to my husband who accidentally dropped it in the pool. So now I'm waiting on my Sister to download the pictures for everyone to see. Anyway, I am totally exhausted. Need to go rest up to then get ready for my next event in August. Hope to see some of you there.