Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pigs Fly...

So a week has gone by & my sister still hasn't downloaded the pictures from last weeks workshop. I guess I have a better chance of seeing pigs fly before those pictures come through. LOL. Anyway, as I've mentioned before the camera I had took a nose dive into my daughters pool over a month ago (thanks to hubby) & it wasn't functioning at all. Everyday for the first week I would try to turn it on & it wouldn't work. Well, this week I thought I give it a try AGAIN & WhaLa it worked. Seems like it just needed a whole lot of time to dry out. So now that it's working I was able to take my own pics of the cards we made & post them to the blog. Hope you enjoy the ideas.


  1. Your cards have a very clean and simple, but elegant look! The perfect combination! Great job! I'm a new follower from SC.

    chanda stehlik

  2. Lovely cards, TFS! I was just on the SC webpage and saw that you'd signed up for the blog followup. If you would like to visit my blog too I'm at:

  3. Great Blog, Im now a follower. TFS!