Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm Finally Back

Hi Ladies,
I hope Everyone is doing Awesome! I'm Finally Back doing what I love best, paper crafting! Alot of you, I've last talked/seen was before the Thanksgiving/Christmas Holiday's. The holiday's were extremely busy over here & I thought I was going to get back into swings with crafting starting January 2011. Instead I became very sick all day long & it wouldn't stop no matter what I took. Well it turns out the reason for being sick is because I'm pregnant. This past Wednesday I became 6 mths pregnant & what a rough ride it's been. We've also recently found out that we're having a Boy. Which is awesome since I already have a little girl.
Anyway, I'll be in the process of trying to update my blog in the next few weeks with projects that I've done within the past few months, hopefully to get you in the creative mood as well. Talk to you soon!

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